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Food supplement for horses against inflammation and pain, and to reinforce tendons and ligaments.
MSM contains the ingredient in concentrated form 99.97%. Suitable after injuries and surgeries. Suitable for musculoskeletal diseases (arthritis, injuries, etc.) And as adjunctive therapy for allergies.

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MSM substance is a white crystalline powder containing organically bound sulfur, which acts on the reinforcing ligaments and tendons, suppressing inflammation and pain and to regenerate and relax muscles. Further shows strong antioxidant and other beneficial effects and is a unique source of sulfur compounds in the body has a positive effect, particularly in damaged articular cartilage. Sulfur is among others involved in the formation of collagen and glucosamine - basic components of articular cartilage and connective tissue. MSM is also helping to improve hoof horn and to improve the quality of hair.

We recommend to use at:

chronic myalgia (muscle pain), and muscle spasms
degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the locomotive apparatus, such as inflammation of the joints (arthritis), inflammation of the articular head (epifyzitis), inflammation of the dermis hoof (laminitis)
when the latch hoof disease
pains in lumbar spine (flank pain)
when pleurisy (pleuritis)
cracks in the hoof capsule

Can be administered:

foals from 2 to 3 months of age
young horses
in racing, sport and work horses
in older and heavier horses
for post-traumatic and postoperative conditions
in horses with allergies (relieves the symptoms of allergic reactions)
while impaired quality of hair, especially dull hair
to improve overall health and prolong the active life of a horse

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