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Hidez Seamless Ice Compression Socks are the ultimate leg treatment.

Ice combined with compression is the best possible treatment for your horses legs.

Hidez Ice Compression Socks are designed with 3 individual ice pockets for easy icing, meaning you can ice the whole leg from above the knee or hock to below the pastern joint or simply ice only the part of the leg desired.

Hidez Ice Compression Socks are recommended for both prevention and treatment of injury.

Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Promotes blood circulation sending more red and white blood cells, oxygen, vitamins and minerals to the lower legs.

Speeds up recovery time for muscle and soft tissue injuries and soreness.

Countless studies prove ice therapy decreases the chances of injury and fastens recovery after physical activity. Ice is analgesic. This means ice decreases pain caused by physical activity. More importantly, ice facilitates vasoconstriction. When a working horse exercises, capillaries move to the muscles, ligaments and tendons to stimulate the flow of blood. This open flow of blood is necessary at the peak of activity yet when physical action is taken, the additional blood flow continues, possibly for upwards of hours, bringing unnecessary fluid with the enzymes and mediators linked to inflammation. The last thing you want is for your horse´s leg tissue to be inflamed for an extensive period of time. Furhermore, if fluids are allowed to pool, they will stretch out the tisues, reducing the elasticity as time progresses. Tissue elasticity is one-and-done, meaning you cannot get it back. If tissue elasticity is lost the horse will be that much more likely to suffer stocking up, meaning an accumulation of unnecessary fluid.

Icing really does help get the horse´s circulation back to normal. It also provides therapeutic relief. 

Use Hidez Ice Compression socks to reduce inflammation and swelling to minimize tissue damage and speed healing.

Hidez Ice Compression socks position the icing without constricting the blood supply to the leg or damaging tendons. 

Ice therapy is inexpensive and effective.

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